Best Bluetooth Tower Speakers in India (2021)

Looking for the best Bluetooth tower speakers in India 2021? You need an external speaker system to get that theatre feeling at home. The internal speakers of the televisions are not so powerful to be heard loudly and it generally leads to the poor quality of sound when volume is increased.

The tower speakers are the best option for making your TV watching experience more interesting. Wouldn’t it be amazing if these speakers get connected to your smart gadgets too?

Note: With the 2 channel speakers you can have a full theatre-like experience at your home!

Top 7 Best Tower Speakers in India

 1.  F&D T60X Tower Speaker

F&D T60X Tower Speaker 2021
F&D T60X Tower Speaker
  1. The company is a well-known speakers brand.
  2. The T60X tower speakers have a wooden cabinet for the best sound output.
  3. Connect your TV via a cable and Bluetooth ,NFC are also supported to connect to your smart gadgets.
  4. All of the speaker channels have a 4″ woofer along with an 8″ sub-woofer.
  5. The remote control feature makes it super easy to control the speakers from your sofa.
  6. Two variants are present – black and brown.

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 2.  Yamaha NS-8390 Tower Speaker

Yamaha NS-8390 Tower Speaker
Yamaha NS-8390 Tower Speaker
  1. There is no Bluetooth in these speakers.
  2. Capable of covering a large room with its sound efficiently.
  3. Offer a great experience with its channel setup but need to be connected to an external amplifier.
  4. Floor standing speakers, support bass reflex to give a better audio experience.
  5. 2 years of warranty.
  6. The NS-8390 twin tower speaker makes to the top of our list for all the features it offers.

 3.  Philips SPA9080B 

Philips SPA9080B tower speakers 2021
Philips SPA9080B
  1. The company is known for its quality of hardware, these tower speakers are also of premium quality which makes them highly durable.
  2. A remote controller and a mic comes as add-ons.
  3. These tower speakers can play music via a USB and also gets connected via Bluetooth.
  4. Built-in FM radio for those from old school.
  5. Sophisticated stylish look in stealth black color.

 4.  Philips SPT-6660 

Philips SPT-6660 tower speakers 2021
Philips SPT-6660
  1. This is another product by Philips, their tower speakers are of much more value for money than other speakers present in the market.
  2. They offer a best in class experience covering your room quite fully.
  3. There are 2 mic ports in these tower speakers.
  4. It deals with the echo effect and gives out clear sound while using mic.
  5. There is no Bluetooth connectivity in these speakers!

 5.  Mitashi TWR 860 

Mitashi TWR 860 tower speakers 2021
Mitashi TWR 860
  1. Looking for a stylish tower speaker? Mitashi TWR 860 is the best one for you.
  2. Wooden like finish
  3. There is glass portion in the front along with the controls and display.
  4. Latest 2.0 channel speakers offering connectivity via AUX, a USB port, SD/MMC card, built in FM radio, a wireless mic and other bluetooth features.
  5. Customizable bass and treble.

 6.  Zebronics t9500RUCF 

Zebronics t9500RUCF tower speakers 2021
Zebronics t9500RUCF
  1. Best tower speaker by Zebronics
  2. Fully functional and elegant
  3. USB port and memory card supported.
  4. A micro phone is also provided as an addon.
  5. Remote controlled via Bluetooth connectivity.
  6. Output Sound – 100W

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 7.  Intex IT-9500 SUF Plus 

Intex IT-9500 SUF Plus tower speaker 2021
Intex IT-9500 SUF Plus
  1. The company has also left no room for corrections in their latest tower speakers! IT-9500 tower speakers is perfect for you.
  2. Modern stylish look with a digital display
  3. Supports Bluetooth connectivity
  4. Remote controller
  5. Cordless mics are also supported.
  6. Inbuilt FM radio

This is the list of Best Bluetooth Tower Speakers in India (2021)!

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