Best Earphones Under 500 in India

A good budget earphone is what everyone strives for, specially students. At this particular time, it has become very difficult for choosing the best earphones under 500 in India (2021). Today we are going to give a list of some good earphones under 500 price range. With so many earphones out there, you can surely get a worthy earphone at low price.

Speaking from personal experience, JBL and Lumiford are among those companies which do not compromise with the build quality even at lower range of prices!

Best earphones with mic under 500

Below are some of the best options available online if you have a budget of Rs. 500. We keep updating our list frequently to give you best service.

1. JBL C50HI in-Ear Headphones 

JBL C50HI in-Ear Headphones under 500
JBL C50HI in-Ear Headphones 

The very first earphone under 500 is from JBL!

  • Soft earbuds
  • Well balanced sound
  • Good bass
  • Built in mic
  • Worth its price
  • Crystal clear vocals
  • Over all build quality is good.
  • 8.6mm dynamic driver

If you are not a JBL lover then you are going to become one after using these earphones. There is a reason why this earphone is at the top of our list. It is best earphone under 500 price range. No other earphone has so much to give as compared to JBL C50HI in-Ear Headphones.

Highly recommended by the author!

2. boAt BassHeads 152

boAt BassHeads 152 best earphones under 500 in india
boAt BassHeads 152

  • Metallic
  • Braided cable
  • Angled jack
  • Durable
  • Inbuilt Mic
  • Decent Bass
  • 10 mm driver

Boat has a reputation that they never forget to live up to. This earphone is durable, clear, stylish and has everything that an earphone must have. Most importantly it falls under the price range of 500. The braided cable makes it strong as well as tangle free. It can be a great option for boAt lovers if their budget falls under 500.

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3. Mi Earphones Basic

Mi Earphones Basic under 500
Mi Earphones Basic

  • 6 months warranty
  • Perfect sound with good noise cancellation.
  • Aluminum alloy built
  • 10 mm drivers.
  • Metallic casing
  • Tangle free cable.

Best options for Mi users. It is greatly compatible with Xiaomi devices. The built quality is of Aluminum along with soft earbuds. Lightest and comfortable earphone in the list of best earphones under 500 India.

4. Realme Buds Classic

Realme Buds Classic under 500
Realme Buds Classic
  • Simplistic Design
  • 14.2mm drivers
  • Heavy bass
  • Tangle free cable
  • Comfortable*
  • Inbuilt mic

There is * marked in front of comfortable because these earphones do not have rubber earbuds. Now it is a big deal for some people whereas some might ignore this fact. So this earphone is also worth considering once while talking about budget.

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5. Evidson Vibe

Evidson Vibe under 500
Evidson Vibe
  • Made in India
  • Simplistic cool design
  • Great bass
  • Flat cable
  • Inbuilt mic
  • Made of plastic
  • 8.2 mm drivers

These were the earphone that are recommender by us. If you want a brief method of choosing an earphone then you might like to consider this : JBL > Boat > Infinity > Mi > Realme > Philips > Ptron > Evidson > Sound One

It totally depends on you and the earphone you are choosing.

These were the best earphones under 500 rs and in personal opinion JBL will be a good choice to go for under 500 budget.

Give your feedback regarding this Best Earphones Under 500 in India list.

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