Best Wireless Headphones under 3000

The trend around the world has to go wireless for a while now! The companies are launching better audio products in the market. Just a few years ago, it was very difficult to find decent wireless headphones under 3000 but due to latest technological innovations, there are plenty of options to choose from now. Today we have prepared the list of Best Bluetooth Headphones under 3000 for you.

Best Wireless Earphones under 3000

  • MEE audio X6 (2nd Gen)
  • SoundMAGIC E11BT
  • Sony – WI-C400
  • Sony WI-C200

MEE audio X6

MEE audio X6 Best Bluetooth Earphones under 3000

You will see some popular brands stand out here but MEE Audio X6 – 2nd Gen is definitely the best earphone listed here. It is the only product on the list of Best Wireless Headphones under 3000 with Bluetooth v5.0 and IPX 5 waterproof ratings (anti-sweat). The structure is mainly  made of plastic but the durability is very much reliable. Along with excellent fit, it is designed for sweaty workout sessions. The warranty given by the company is an additional merit of this earphone.

Specifications of MEE Audio X6 – 2nd Gen

  • Latest v5.0 Bluetooth
  • Comfortable fit
  • IPX 5 waterproof rating
  • Additional ear tips for comfort
  • Battery life of 8.5 hours

SoundMAGIC E11BT – Best Wireless Headphones under 3000

Best Bluetooth Earphones under 3000 SoundMAGIC E11BT

These in-ear headphones has a v-shaped design delivering signature sound of SOUNDMAGIC, all thanks to 10mm dynamic driver. The aluminum housing with a black finish gives it a stylish hooky look. The earbuds are magnetic making it tangle-free, for your ease. You can wear them while exercising because they are waterproof and splash-proof with the IPX4 rating. Use the built-in multi-function remote control to easily adjust the music. The neckband has a matte texture, which is skin-friendly as well as comfortable to wear. The best bluetooth earphones with mic under 3000, let’s see the specifications.

Specifications of SoundMagic E11BT

  • Trendy and stylish
  • Tangle free
  • Magnetized earbuds
  • IPX4 waterproof rating
  • Workout friendly
  • Multifunction remote


Best Bluetooth Earphones under 3000 JVC HA-FX9BT

HA-FX9BT is from JVC’s popular “Gumy” series of in-ear headphones. These super fun wireless headphones have a playback time of 5 hours and are available in six stylish colors – purple, white, blue, green, pink and black. They also provide excellent fit due to the use of “elastic” materials. A 3-button controller with in-line microphone allows you to easily handle calls and music.
The HA-FX9BT has a V-shaped design that can take different genres like rock, pop, EDM and hip-hop to get you moving!

Specifications of JVC HA-FX9BT

  • Powerful
  • Multiple variants
  • Good Performance
  • Additional ear tips for best comfort
  • 3-button controller with in-line mic
  • Perfect fit

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Sony WI-C400 – Best Wireless Headphones under 3000

best true wireless earbuds under 3000
 Sony WI-C400

Sony WI-C400 is a comfortable wireless headphone under 3000 available in four unique variants. Providing high-quality sound , WI-C400 can easily achieve streaming media transmission via Bluetooth & NFC with just one tap. This headset has a battery life of up to 20 hours, you can listen to several hours of music on this headset. The 9mm driver helps in improving the overall sound quality. The Best wireless neckband earphones under 3000, Sony has secured its top position!

You can wear this headset for hours and still not feel uncomfortable, thanks to the behind-the-neck stylish design. Whenever you receive a call or message, you will receive a vibration-based notification on the headset.

Specifications of Sony WI-C400

  • 20 hours Battery life
  • Tangle free Cable
  • Bluetooth and NFC via one-touch
  • Vibration notifications
  • Voice assistants compatible
  • Four variants
  • Easy control buttons

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Sony WI-C200 – Best Wireless Headphones under 3000

Best Wireless Headphones under 3000 Sony WI-C200

When playing high stakes in the budget category, Sony did not stop at beating other brands. SONY WI C200 has total 15-hour of playback time. With the super charging option, you can play your favorite music for about an hour after charging for just 10 minutes, absolutely no competition. A 3-button controller inline microphone allows you to control calls and music playlists, they are also voice assistant compatible with iOS as well as Android. Sony has earned its place in the list of best wireless bluetooth earphones under 3000.

There is also a magnet-based fixing technology that allows the buds to stick together when not in use. This earphones under 3000 is a very peculiar way to show off your wireless device when you are free. 
The WI-C200 offers great clarity and crisp treble along with a warm-smooth sound signature.

Specifications of SONY WI C200

  • Powerful
  • Lightweight
  • 15-hour Battery life
  • Quick charge
  • 3-button in-line mic
  • Voice assistant Compatible
  • For IOS and Android devices

That’s all from this article about Best Bluetooth Earphones under 3000, feel free to comment down your views!

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