Boat Xtend Watch VS Boat Xplorer Watch

Boat has been the best audio gadget brand till now with so many innovations and amazing products. Though they have limited SmartWatch editions, they never failed to provide better performance. Today we are going to see the difference between two of Boat’s best smartwatches in this article – Boat Xtend Watch VS Boat Xplorer Watch.

Both of these smartwatches are the best of Boat’s watches. Let’s have a look on the feature comparison between them.

Boat Xtend smartwatch features, price and launch date

Features Comparison – Boat Xtend Watch VS Boat Xplorer Watch 

Boat Xtend Watch Boat Xplorer Watch 
Bluetooth v5.0 v4.2 
Display 1.69″1.29″ 
Battery300 mAh210 mAh
Range 10 m 10 m 
Battery Life7 days7 days
Sports modes148
Charging systemMagneticMagnetic
Straps CustomizableCustomizable  
Daily activity trackers YesYes
Controls Music, Alexa and camera
shutter control 
Music and camera shutter control 
Waterproof ratings 5 ATM 5 ATM 
Health tracking sensors Sleep tracker, Spo2, heart rate Heart rate, menstrual cycle, meditate session
Weather forecast YesNo

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Detailed Comparison Between Boat Xtend Watch VS Boat Xplorer Watch

In Xtend Watch, you get the maximum visual effect through the large 1.6″ square display. Interestingly, the automatic brightness system of this watch is smart enough to adjust the brightness level of the display according to external light. The full touch screen has smooth corners and is embedded in a metal case for protection, just like a Boat Enigma smartwatch. To connect the watch function to your smartphone, it have latest Bluetooth v5.0. Clock themes can be customized with around 50 clock themes.

Boat Xplorer SmartWatch
Boat Xplorer Smartwatch

The design of Xplorer is somewhat the same as Watch Xtend. However, Xplorer’s screen size is 1.29″ with curved corners. For connectivity, it has an average version of Bluetooth v4.2. This smartwatch also allows you to set your favorite stylish clock theme.

Conclusion: In order to obtain a better image quality, a larger screen is required. So in terms of connectivity and display, the best watch is Xtend Watch.

Battery And Waterproof Ratings – Boat Xtend Watch VS Boat Xplorer

The longest duration that you can get out of Xtend watch is 7 days, that is supported by 300mAh battery capacity, such as Boat Flash. Xplorer watch also offers 7 days of working time with a 210 mAh battery capacity. Don’t get confused because Xtend watch has more better features than Boat Xplorer.

Boat Xtend Smartwatch Launch : Price, Features, Specs Boat Xtend Watch VS Boat Xplorer Watch
Boat Xtend watch

Both the smartwatches are protected with similar waterproof ratings – 5 ATM.

Which Watch Is Suitable To Get Maximum Working Days And Better Protection?

BoAt Xtend is better as compared to BoAt Xplorer watch in terms of battery capacity.

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Health Sensors And Sports modes in Boat Xtend Watch VS Boat Xplorer

Watch Xtend has the most number of sports modes. It includes about 14 multiple sports to record your activities, such as outdoor running, jumping, swimming, outdoor cycling, outdoor walking, spinning, rowing, indoor running, Gym workouts And walking . In addition, the daily activity tracker also provides pedometer, distance tracking and burned calories. The health monitoring system includes sleep tracker, Spo2 monitor and heart rate tracker.

Watch Xplorer has 8 different exercise modes to track your activities, including treadmill, walking, climbing, exercise, running, skipping and yoga. For health monitoring, it is equipped with a heart rate monitor, menstrual cycle, sleep tracker and breathing sessions for meditation. 

Which Watch Has Accurate Sports Tracking And Health Tracking Sensors?

Xtend smartwatches are the best, with the largest motion tracking mode. However, Xplorer Watch is best suited if you want to have more number of health sensors.

Boat Xtend Vs Xplorer: Which Boat Smartwatch is The Best?

In addition to all these excellent features mentioned above, both the watches have camera and music shutter controls.

Xplorer Watch is equipped with an advanced GPS tracking system. Xtend Watch comes with built-in voice assistant support powered by Alexa. You can change the standard straps of both watches at any time as per your mood. Overall, Xtend Watch is best suited for the best display features, connectivity, battery, water resistance, and motion tracking.

Watch Xplorer is best suited for the number of health sensors that it has and the waterproof ratings. 

Conclusion – Therefore, the best watch in this comparison battle is Watch Xtend.

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