Fire Boltt Talk Smartwatch Launch : Price, Features

The trend for smartwatches is just crazy right now, and it doesn’t seem to get off anywhere soon. Specially after the covid-19 situation people have become more sensitive and active regarding their health. Its good to have a smart device with us all the time that can monitor our health essentials. So today we are going to talk about one of the major brand that has been continuously launching super amazing products – Fire boltt. Their newl smartwatch that is in the queue to get launched is Fire Boltt Talk Smart Watch . Let’s read more about Fire Boltt Talk Smartwatch Launch : Price, Features

Fire Boltt Talk Smartwatch Launch Price, Features,
Fire Boltt Talk Smartwatch Launch

Features of Fire Boltt Talk Smart Watch 

Bluetooth v5.0 
Display  1.28″ HD  
Battery Life10 days 
Charging time2 hours 
Activity trackers Yes 
Calling Available
Waterproof  IP67 
Weight60 grams

Top Features of Fire Boltt Talk smartwatch

Smart alerts Available
Mic and speaker Available
Straps Customizable
Sports modes Eight
Health sensorsAvailable
Activity TrackersMore than 10

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Detailed Features Of Fire Boltt Talk Smart Watch 

The display of fire boltt Talk smartwatch is spherical. The glass used in this smartwatch is 3D glass and is of High Definition.
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There is the feature of vibration alert so that you don’t miss important notifications, moreover its more effective than a normal smartphone vibration. The display menu is of latest theme with rotatory navigation. 

Battery performance

Talk smartwatch comes with a decent battery. This battery can give you around 8 – 10 days of battery back up and can get charged within 2 hours. The usage of the smartwatch should also be considered while you verify the battery backup! The standby time of the smartwatch is 30 days which is quite an impressive deal.

Bluetooth Calling Feature in Fire boltt talk

There is a built-in speaker as well as a mic. You can pick up the calls and even dial via your smartwatch. This Bluetooth calling feature has given Fire boltt talk smartwatch an upper hand among all the other smartwatches. If you use this feature, it is going to drop down your batter life to 5 days only but its worth to use it!

Sports modes

Fire Boltt Talk SmartWatch comes with total 8 sport mode. All the major sports like cycling, football, swimming, running, walking, skipping, basketball and badminton is included. The smartwatch is going to calculate and keep the track of calories burnt during these sports. 

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Health Sensors 

Since people have become more active towards their health, Fire boltt has taken care of this need too. They have included health-tracking sensors in boltt talk smartwatch such as blood pressure tracker, sleep monitor, spo2 monitor and other major trackers.

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Launch date and price of Fire Boltt Talk smartwatch

Fire Boltt Talk Smart Watch is labeled for Rs 4,499 and the launch date was set to be 7th June. So what you are waiting for, go and buy yours right now!

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