How to connect your gaming headset

Buying the best gaming headset and putting it to work should be simple, but it isn’t! Here’s how to connect your gaming headset. Our team has prepared a blog post that will work as a guide for you to teach how to connect your gaming headset, connect it on your PC, Playstation 4, or Xbox One. So let’s start with our blog.

How to connect a gaming headset to PC ?

How to connect a gaming headset to PC ?

Connecting a gaming headset to a pc is very simple, what you need to do is to simply plug in the headset and it’ll start working. Also sometimes we need to install specific audio drivers for headphones to work perfectly depending upon the features in your headset. In most of the gaming headsets, the auto installation of such drivers are programmed. They get installed as soon as the headset in plugged in.

Once the installation part is complete, we just need to check whether the computer is using your gaming headset as default audio input and output. If it doesn’t happens automatically then you have to click on the little speaker icon given on right corner and select the right device. Moreover, it is a good practice to double check the default settings of the discord app. As soon as you left click on the speaker icon, you can select the device form the menu shown to you on the screen.

These are the simple steps to get any gaming headset running on your personal computers. Now, there are some gaming headset that are advanced and require further application to be installed to get their full potential. Generally the company provides the link to that application or it is given to you. Special features like setting up your own customized EQ levels and other features are done via these apps.

playstation 4 gaming headsets

How to connect a gaming headset to PlayStation 4 ?

There are basically two ways for connecting your gaming headset to your Playstation 4 , via your gaming controller or via the console itself. Again it is no rocket science to connect it but still it is our duty to help you with the things no matter how simple they are!

If your gaming headset has a 3.5mm connection, then just plug it into your Playstation 4 controller. There is a port for connecting headset below the controller. After setting up your gaming headset, now you have to go the settings and then navigate to the devices to select the audio device. Select the option that states something like this – “Headset connected to controller”. In case of a gaming headset that has an integrated mic then you need to set the input option too. If you are using a USB headset, the settings are going to be similar.

If there is a base station requiring an optical connection, then you have to perform all the above mentioned steps and then go to the sound and screen page in main settings to select Digital Out for primary output port. Any other specific settings will be mentioned in the manual of your gaming headset.

Congratulations, you are all set for enjoy gaming on a Playstation 4!

How to connect a gaming headset to PlayStation 5

How to connect a gaming headset to PlayStation 5

To connect a gaming headset to your brand new PlayStation 5 is not too complex. Again the very basic thing you need to do is to plug in you gaming headset into the PlayStation 5. It can be done via 3.5 mm jack or the USB A or C ports given in the console. The console will be automatically switch the audio output. All the audio will be automatically switched to your gaming headphone but if you only want the chat audio then you can do some changes in the sound settings. There would be a gear icon on the top right corner and there you can select only chat audio option given!

Now you can also adjust the PlayStation 5’s spatial audio settings that is on by default. The good thing about this feature is that it is compatible with every gaming headset bringing virtual surrounding sounds. The basic audio as well as other volume controls can also be adjusted with the PS button, it becomes more easy if you got controls on your gaming headset.

How to connect a gaming headset to Nintendo Switch ?

How to connect a gaming headset to Nintendo Switch ?

The 3.5mm port available on the Nintendo Switch is the easiest way to get your gaming headphones connected with the console. The problem is that this simple connection is not compatible with most of the games. So the only solution that we have is that we need to plug compatible headset into the Switch and phone via a splitter. So after connecting your headphones in the console, and in the phone, link your Switch account to Online app and play.

Good news is that the USB front has made the process little bit less complex. Nintendo has made it sure that any wireless headset is compatible with the console via a USB dongle. Gaming headsets using USB-C dongles are coming in trend. Recently, the Nintendo Switch has been announced to be the the first gaming console to support Bluetooth connections.

Connecting very simple, just similar to connecting wireless headsets to our phones. But the problems that people are facing using bluetooth connections is that the audio-visual lag is little bit irritating. Also there is no option of using a microphone over Bluetooth.

Finding the correct headset for your Nintendo switch is the tricky part, and there is no guarantee that it will be covering all the cases.

How to connect a gaming headset to Xbox One ?

How to connect a gaming headset to Xbox One ?

Connecting your gaming headset to the Xbox One is not complex but unique. The options are little bit different. You can connect the gaming headset to the Xbox one controller via 3.5mm port. Note that there might be some old controllers that doesn’t have headphone jack. So you need one of the new Xbox-one controllers. The only thing you need to take care of is that it should be compatible with Xbox-one. If there are additional connections then you have to change the audio output to turn off the HDMI audio and se the optical audio to bitstream out. There are some special headphones designed for Xbox one, you just have to press and release connect button on the console to pair it with the gaming headset automatically. After successful connection, a message will be prompted on your screen stating that the headset is assigned.

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How to connect a gaming headset to your smartphone ?

You can connect your gaming headset via Bluetooth because bluetooth is the secondary connection method in some of the gaming headsets. Rest the process is very simple. You can just plug in your gaming headset via 3.5mm jack, a USB dongle if there is no jack in your phone.

Bluetooth isn’t really a good option for connection if you are a gamer because of the audio-visual lag. But if your are not using it for gaming on your smartphone then you can connect it via bluetooth.

It’s obvious that gaming headsets have limited functionality in a smartphone as compared to a proper gaming console. EQ controls and other features might not be in options while using a gaming headset in a smartphone because they are specifically designed for gaming consoles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect the Corsair Void RGB Elite to Xbox One?
No, you cannot connect it with Xbox once because it is not compatible.
How do I know if headset is compatible with my xbox controller?
A gaming headset without a 3.5mm connection will never be compatible with an Xbox One controller. But if the headset features “For Xbox” label on it then you can connect it to your console directly.
How do I connect a headset to my PlayStation 2?
This is really a very interesting question but we feel bad to inform you that it is very difficult to find a gaming headset that is compatible with playstation 2. Sony had release a gaming headset specifically for playstation 2 but it is very difficult to find them nowadays.
Why my gaming headset do not connect to my Xbox One?
It is possible that your gaming headset is not compatible with Xbox-one. You should go for a compatible gaming headphone.
My gaming headset is muffled, and I can barely hear people speak
There is some issue with your gaming headset’s hardware or its audio settings.
Will a Bluetooth headset like the Jabra 65 Evolve work on an Xbox One with its USB adapter
Generally, if there is no “Made for Xbox” label on the box, it’s a safe bet it won’t work with the console.

That’s all from our post of how to connect gaming headset, drop down your views in comment section.

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