Noise Colorfit Pro 3 Vs Redmi Watch: Which Is the Best Smartwatch?

If you are looking for best Smart Wearables on internet then you must have seen these two popular names – Noise and Redmi. Noise is considered to be the number 1 smart Wearable brand because of its so much variety of smartwatches. Redmi has also made its consistent recognition in the market for their smart wearables. This article aims to find the best between Noise ColorFit Pro 3 vs Redmi Watch

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Noise ColorFit Pro 3 VS Redmi Watch: Specs And Features Table  

Noise ColorFit Pro 3  Watch Redmi Watch Smart Watch 
Version of Bluetooth v5.0v5.1
Range10 m10 m
Charging typeMagnetic Magnetic
Display 1.55″1.4″
Battery Backup10 days 10 days 
HD displayYesYes
Call and message alerts YesYes 
GPSNo Yes 
Health sensorAvailableAvailable
Sports modes 1411 
Daily activity trackersYesYes
Alarm YesYes 
Waterproof ratings 5 ATM 5 ATM 

What Are The Difference Between Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Watch And Redmi Watch Display & Connectivity

Noise ColorFit Pro 3
Noise ColorFit Pro 3

Noise gives a larger 1.55″ HD display with ColorFit Pro 3. The edges of the display are curved to give a stylish look. TruView technology is used to maximize the visual quality. There is a weather forecast feature too. Bluetooth v5.0 chip is used to ensure stable connectivity.  

Redmi smartwatch offers large visuals with 1.4″HD display same as Boat Storm Watch(Review) but its smaller than colorfit pro 3. Smart notifications are there to aid you by showing important notifications on the screen. The advanced v5.1 Bluetooth version is being used in this watch to ensure maximum stability and connectivity. 

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Which Watch Is Better To Get Maximum Display Specs And Connectivity?

Here, Noise Colorfit pro 3 is better with big display and TruView technology. However, connectivity is more stable in Redmi Watch because it has v5.1. 

Compare the Activity Tracking And Health Sensors Of Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Watch Against Redmi Watch

There is a complete health system on the Noise smartwatch including blood oxygen monitor, stress & sleep monitor, and heart rate monitor. This Watch has a total of 14 sports modes to track your sports activity. It also has the auto sports recognition feature that will be switched on automatically as soon as you start playing anything.   

Coming to the health sensors, Redmi smartwatch has a sleep tracker, breathing sessions, and heart rate monitor also. This Watch features around 11 sports modes to monitor your activities. It contains GPS+GLO

NASS positioning technology that helps in tracking the speed and calories burnt.  

Which Watch Is Preferable For Maximum Trackers And Health Monitors? 

On comparison, each Watch is unique in its own way. But, Noise colorfit pro 3 again out features Redmi

Redmi Watch
Redmi Watch

Which Watch Is Better On Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Watch Against Redmi Watch In Water-resistant And Battery

When it comes don to the comparison between the battery backup and waterproof ratings of both the smartwatches, they both have same battery capacity providing power backup of around 10 days depending upon the usage. Both the smartwatches possess 5ATM rating which means you can easily dive into the water upto 50m!

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Noise Colorfit Pro 3 Vs Redmi Watch: Which is Best Smartwatch?

Till now we have almost seen major differences between both the smartwatches. There are many similarities like cameras or music controls. Different watch themes are available on both of them. Strap are swappable to give you a new look whenever you feel bored. 

The Noise colorfit pro 3 smartwatch comes with a larger display, maximum health monitoring sensors, 14 + sports modes, great battery backup, and 5ATM waterproof ratings.

On the other hand, Redmi watch has better connectivity, similar battery backup and 5ATM waterproof rating. Though the Watches differ a lot, they are unique in the features they have. 

At last, Noise smartwatch is the best one with overall better features as compared to the other. 

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